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General Knowledge Quiz 2

  1. What was landscape gardener Capability Brown's real first name?    

  2. How many kilograms make one metric ton?    

  3. In Scotland, what are Eigg, Muck and Rhum?    

  4. A caravan is a group of which animals?    

  5. What is the Taj Mahal made from?    

  6. At night what colour light is shown on the starboard side of a ship?    

  7. Which English king was nicknamed Rufus?    

  8. Which sea is north of Turkey?    

  9. In yards, how long was a rod, pole, or perch?    

  10. How many years are celebrated by a platinum anniversary?    

  11. Who was the first British monarch to visit America?    

  12. What colour is the spot in the middle of the Japanese flag?    

  13. Which planet has at least 13 moons?    

  14. How many players are there in a netball team?    

  15. What number does the Roman numeral L stand for?    

  16. Which country is snooker star Stephen Hendry from?    

  17. What does the word hirsute mean?    

  18. What is hippophobia a fear of?    

  19. How many hours in four days?    

  20. What colour is piccalilli?    

correct on first try