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General Knowledge Quiz 5

  1. What type of food is consommé?    

  2. What are Williams and Conference?    

  3. How many miles are there in eight kilometres?    

  4. In nursery rhyme, where did Mary's little lamb follow her to?    

  5. Who was the first sovereign to be addressed as 'Your Majesty'?    

  6. How many minutes in four and three quarter hours?    

  7. What is the upper age limit for being an MP in the UK?    

  8. How many years are celebrated by a ruby anniversary?    

  9. How many days was Jesus tempted while in the wilderness?    

  10. Which country does Bryan Adams come from?    

  11. How many cents are there in a US nickel?    

  12. At which sport did Karen Pickering excel?    

  13. What colour is the Northern Line on a London Underground map?    

  14. Which country originated the term 'plonk' for wine?    

  15. How is steak tartare cooked?    

  16. What is the main ingredient of a black pudding?    

  17. Which planet is fourth from the sun?    

  18. Which country originally produced Fiat cars?    

  19. What number does the Roman numeral M stand for?    

  20. What on your body would a trichologist be concerned with?    

correct on first try