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General Knowledge Quiz 8

  1. What is the wife of an Earl called?    

  2. What is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere?    

  3. Which instrument did Jack Benny play?    

  4. Which star sign is shared by Pat Cash and Steffi Graf?    

  5. What sort of bird is a muscovy?    

  6. Which year did Thomas Cook organise his first continental holiday?    

  7. The Philippines are in which Ocean?    

  8. Which year did Charles Dickens die?    

  9. What did the 'S' stand for in Harry S. Truman?    

  10. In Australian football, how many players are there on a side?    

  11. In which county is the Peak District?    

  12. Whereabouts on a whale are its flukes?    

  13. Which sport is Chris Boardman famous for?    

  14. How many legs has a lobster?    

  15. How many faces has an icosahedron?    

  16. Which musical instrument was played by Acker Bilk?    

  17. In 'Star Trek' what colour was Mr Spock's blood?    

  18. What is the word for a group of bees?    

  19. Where in the body is the humerus?    

  20. Which country used to have a coin called a bawbee?    

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