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General Knowledge Quiz 4

  1. On what would you see Ogham writing?    

  2. Of which US state is Boston the capital?    

  3. From what do we get saccharine?    

  4. In boxing which weight is between fly and feather?    

  5. What is dried in an oast house?    

  6. Eau-de-nil is a shade of what colour?    

  7. In which month is Royal Ascot horse-racing season?    

  8. In which Sea is the island of Majorca?    

  9. What is a mazurka?    

  10. What name is given to a female donkey?    

  11. What is the antirrhinum more commonly known as?    

  12. How many years are celebrated by an emerald anniversary?    

  13. How many players are there in a volleyball team?    

  14. Which season does the word vernal relate to?    

  15. What is the colour of the live wire in a three-pin plug?    

  16. What colour is pure molten gold?    

  17. How many legs does an adult insect have?    

  18. Which Shakespeare play is in three parts?    

  19. In which country is Buenos Aires?    

  20. Which sea lies between Italy and the former Yugoslavia?    

correct on first try